The Twins House / DELUTION - 03/10/2019

The house is located in Cipulir, with 70 sq meters and a densely populated environment. Just walk through the alley with 1,5 sq meters or by the motorcycles. Two Houses were built in this land for two families consisting of 4 people (a couple of husband and wife and also two children), and a woman with disabilities. The Twins is adopted from the house concept of brothers-sisters.
The Twin House concept raised to clarify the building shape response with the surrounding environment. Each family needs privacy, spaces, and harmony of two buildings on the same land. THE TWINS concept evince the relation between “brother-sister” through a similar shape but a different size. Two bedrooms with a toilet in each of it, kitchen and dining area for 4 family members.
Meanwhile, the other house has one bedroom with a toilet, and a living room. The public area spaces were made to get around the narrow land in this building. Every family who lives in this Twin House has its own privacy zone but still can communicate with each other. The public areas are connected through the access of each house.

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