Established since 2013 by Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi and Sunjaya ASkaria, DELUTION comes to provide a new breakthrough for the face of Architecture and Interior in Indonesia. In 2014, Fahmy Desrizal joined as an Associate Director & Partner to accelerate DELUTION’s growth. Since the beginning, the works produced by DELUTION always present a unique and iconic design for the project zone. DELUTION also always accommodate the needs & limitations of each client. Our vision is to become a pioneer and prime mover of the advancement of Indonesian Civilization in terms of Architectural Planning and interion design through many iconic space construction and for everyone.
We believe that architectural intervention is not only about aesthetics but can solve various problems that cannot be solved by other disciplines. DELUTION has produced many works which won national and international awards, such as Splow House which won the awards in New York and Los Angeles in 2017 and 2019 for small house category, Flick House in Spain for Green Architecture Category in 2019, and BBDO Indonesia which won the best Interior Design Office Award in Hongkong, Italy, and Germany in 2016-2017.
Other DELUTION works such as DPD Golkar Jakarta in Cikini also succeeded in changing the general public paradigm regarding the function of party office in general. Now, it is not only functionate as a party office but also as a new favorite destination for Jakarta residents. Likewise, The Twins project which provides a new paradigm of narrow and inexpensive housing. The house located in small alley in Jakarta has attracted a lot of public intention and media because it was built for only 400 million rupiah.
Now, DELUTION works on no less than 75 projects each year, which consist of a variety of individual clients up to startup, National Private up to Multinational such as Bank Syariah Mandiri, Patra Jasa, Intiland, Traveloka, Medco Energy, Mamikos, PP Property and SM Entertainment, and others.

A New Paradigm

A New Paradigm, is a new spirit that DELUTION would like to grasp in each of its work. We believe that Architecture or Design will not be enough if it only stands and functions for its owners but must give an effects of a better change to the community. Furthermore, it would be an icon to where the Architecture work takes place.
The meaning of Paradigm itself is how the values of our design could not only give a new perspective for the community that is exceptional and distinctive. So, this could be a solution to problems for the community. DELUTION believe that Architectural Intervention or Design is the best solution which can help solving problems of city and country that so far cannot be solved by other disciplines.



DELUTION was founded in the boarding house, located in Palmerah Jakarta  by Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Sunjaya Askaria under the brand Delution Architect on behalf of PT Desain Revolusi Indonesia


In 2014, Fahmy Desrizal joined as a Partners & Associated Director in DELUTION.  Along with business development, DELUTION established Construction Division which is CRI (Construction Revolution Indonesia) which is expected to maintain the implementation of construction, so the construction can be precisely in accordance with DELUTION design. In this year, DELUTION known as an interior designer due to BBDO project which won awards in Asia Pacific & Europe.


In 2015, construction division changed into an independent company called CRI under the legal name PT Konstruksi Revolusi Indonesia. In the same year, DELUTION's first Living Home project called Splow House was released and received a lot of appreciation from Indonesia Community, Splow House was viral in cyberspace and trending on social media, then DELUTION started to be perceived as an architecture firm.


The second subsidiary corporation established in 2016. called Onel Indonesia which focused in the furniture sector and under the legal name PT Mebel Revolusi Indonesia.


In 2017, DELUTION worked on one of the most strategic projects, the DPD Golkar Party Office Building in Cikini, Jakarta. This project is elevating DELUTION to a new direction because many Medium-High scale projects are being offered. Then DELUTION was actively working on large scale projects such as Hotel, Resort and Mall. This year, DELUTION also received a prestigious award in the United States, then DELUTION more well-known in the community.


Vortiland as the third subsidiary corporation established under the legal name PT Properti Revolusi Indonesia, this year the company’s restructuring was also done by established a Holding Company called DELUTION ENTERPRISE, as the holding of all company units (DELUTION, CRI, Onel, and Vortiland), under the legal name PT Ruang Ikonik Dunia.  In this year, DELUTION officially abandoned its "architect" title which was previously known as Delution Architect, is now DELUTION. In 2018, the vision of "Iconic Space for Everyone in the World" was initiated and started.


DELUTION is more actively accepting projects with various scales and amounts, not less than 75-90 projects are carried out by DELUTION per year, consisting of various scales and types. The company did re-branding of its holding and unit which was called DELUTION Enterprise changed into The DELUTION Company, it is also changed the entire unit to become 1 name under DELUTION such as CRI which is changed into DELUTION Build, and Vortiland which is changed into DELUTION Land, while Onel still with the initial name but added the title “a DELUTION Furnish Company”, and also changed its logo. Now, The DELUTION Company has more than 100 employees and continues to grow as DELUTION’s need which rise to a positive trend.


In 2020, DELUTION's sister company which is engaged in the Property DELUTION Land successfully launched its first pilot project for housing named LINAYA “Community Living” in the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic Period. LINAYA was successfully marketed in the midst of a pandemic with an extraordinary market response reaching 8 thousand Submission Booklets & Pricelist in the first month of its launch, and successfully closing sales of up to 70% at the end of 2020. in this year also LINAYA won the world-class Architecture Masterprize award as a best small residence in the world