World Class Innovation

We always have world-class design innovations, problems and limitations always be foundation for  us to give solutions in the form of designs that were not previously thought. The main architectural issues such as energy saving buildings or optimizing space limitations are the basic things that always exist in every DELUTION design process. This is evidenced by the International Awards that we have received since 2015 to the present, we are able to win several categories such as Small Residential, Corporate Office, and Energy Saving Building. Some of our projects that won international awards are Splow House, Flick House, BBDO Indonesia and Prikarsa.

Professional Quality Assurance

We are part of a team that has creativity, working hours and high experience in dealing with various project types with small and large scale and also a variety of different functions. The corporate work system that we implement makes our company always able to present products with standard quality without exception. The combination of millennial youth generation creativity with more senior technical experiences make us able to produce Innovative Designs without ignoring the Technical aspects. This can be proven by our track record of having many large corporate clients to mulitinational such as SM Entertainment, The Body Shop, Kimia Farma, Traveloka, Bank Mandiri Syariah, Medco Energy and PGN.

One Stop Solution

DELUTION is part of The DELUTION Company business group, in which there are several subsidiaries in other sectors that can support DELUTION's client needs in one stop, such as a construction and furnishing company. This is certainly very beneficial for our clients, besidesoffering a better price, our clients do not need to worry about the project development. DELUTION and all levels under its Group are committed and guarantee the implementation process of our Client Projects will be achieved with accurate results as well as design. In addition, the discussion regarding the budget of project is also more flexible to be done and adjusted to the budget informed by our clients since the beginning, so it will not waste our client's time.

Detail Perfection

DELUTION as an architect and designer has a high detail orientation. Our clients will realize that every project designed by us has great advantages in terms of detail execution. Such as the door handles that are customized design. Furniture that is integrated with the wall, Door without using a frame that is disguised as a wall, and some other details which will certainly different from home in general. We have a special team in Detail Design which contains of conscientious people combined with high taste of art, to be able to always present the best details for our clients.