The following are the work phase for our Individual Clients which is Personal Project and not for Commercial or Business interests. If you are a Corporation or Individual who wants to offer Commercial or Business Projects such as Office, Retail, Cafe, etc, then the work phasecan be discussed through our Inquiry Team and Architect Representative.

Contact Us

Please contact us by e-mail: or phone +622150200402 or through Whatsapp +6285788855534. Explain your needs to our Inquiry team. Then our team will connect you with our High Representative. Our team will also provide our Company Profile and our Honorarium Reference Rate for you to know more about our previous work experiences which will certainly be a major consideration for you.

Meet Our High Representatives

You will be scheduled to meet our High Representative for discussion and will be explained in more detail about the stages of planning or design, construction and our fee. In this process you can also discuss with us about your desires, expectations, limitations and your capability related to project costs, then you will get more details about the planning process and realize your project complete with the cost requirements. Our High Representative available on weekdays, holidays or weekends through the schedule that will be arranged by our Inquiry Team.

Proposal Design

After the initial meeting and if you decided to continue to the next stage, our Architect Team will survey your land and collect more complete data and communicate more intensely with you about the detailed requirements and design expectations to be achieved. Our Architects Team will initiate an Initial Design Proposal within a maximum of 14 working days since you decided to continue to this stage. Our team will present proposal design, and you will see in detail the ideas or designs to meet your needs and expectations.

Signing Contract

After you agree and approve our Design Proposal, the next step is signing of a Joint Contract and we are officially committed to each other to achieve your Dream Project. Our Inquiry and Legal team will send a Draft Contract for you to be learned, and of course you can ask and discuss the things that you consider need to be added or adjusted to your interests.

Schematic Design

After signing of the contract, our Architect Team will guide and finalize the Macro Design in your Project, which is the things that are principle and large scale, such as organization and kind of space, general display design, building size and other things which became the main reference before entering the Micro Design Stages. This stage usually takes time which relatively depends on your decisions on the design assistance process. Usually takes time 2-12 weeks of calendar.

Design Development I

After you decided the Macro Design, then we will continue into the process of technical development which are structural aspect of the building, mechanical electrical, and plumbing in building projects. The land data collection process in your location will also be testing for our reference to determine the type of foundation structure that will be used. This technical assessment can be carried out together with the process of preparingBuilding Construction Permit (IMB) Drawing and finalizing micro designs that are more details and conical, such as Door Design, Handle Design, Toilet Design Detail, as well as the types of material and brand to be used. Technical process, permits, and micro design usually takes around 3-6 Weeks from the approval of Macro Design.

Development II

after the technical and micro design stages, our team will be able to present the project costs in detail to you. these costs will be summarized on table of budget estimate plan, which will not be too different from what was presented to you at the initial meeting. These costs can certainly be discussed together, criticized, and negotiated to achieve the ideal value for you and us. In this stage you will be allowed to revise existing design, but only on a micro scale in order to adjust costs. In this stage we also allow you to compare our prices with other contractors so you will get an objective image of the value of your project. You also can choose another contractor, and we are able as the role of development supervisor until your project is completed. Our first priority is that your project is realized accurately according to the plan.

Detail Engineering Drawing

In the final stage we will produce a complete working drawing in construction for your Project. This drawing is a technical drawing that is only understood by technical parties or similar engineer backgrounds. This drawing will be a reference for you to realize your dream project. This step will take time usually around 20-60 days of calendar depending on your project scale. If you appoint our Affiliate Company as the Contractor of your Project, the construction process can be run in parallel with this working drawing construction, so you can save time 1 to 1.5 months faster.