Arranging Living Room With Small Space


The pandemic era is still ongoing and is still being processed to minimize activities carried out outside the home. This makes D-People do more of their main activities at home. This tendency will make us bored with the house, especially the living room which is the heart of our daily activities with a simple layout. Moreover, coupled with the house, especially the D-People living room, which is narrow, so you have to change it like what. To be able to maximize the narrow living room space to make it look wider and less boring, D-People can do some of the tips below.

To get broad insights from a narrow living room, D-People can decorate vertically upwards. So that the eyes can be distracted, and create a high impression. The decorations that are done vertically also make things neat and tidy, when compared to decorations that are done horizontally

This is a classic trick that always works. D-people can instantly create the illusion of space by simply adding more mirrors. Choose a large mirror to cover the entire wall. The mirror will create an illusory space by bouncing back light and of course will create reflections from other decorations. Try keeping the color palette light and helping to help with the total effect.

The use of movable benches and tables makes the space really well-organized, and can create new spaces in a narrow living room. In addition, these tips can also prevent D-People from getting bored easily with the appearance of the Living Room, because they can change and assist at any time without having to bother paying for the total living room.

Choose a light color as the dominant color in the room. Light colored walls are more reflective and maximize the effect created by natural light. Dark colors can be used as contrast. You can mix and match the colors of the walls, sofa, table. Vinoti Living provides benefits in determining the color for your sofa and some of your wooden furniture, so that it can be adjusted to the room.

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