Inspiration Providing Green Space at Home


A healthy home is the most important thing in the current pandemic, the most important element that must be present is green space as a facility for circulating in and out of air and natural light and green space to become an area for various plants to grow. For D-People who want to present a green space at home, here are some inspirations.

The main bedroom area can be connected to the garden to provide better air circulation and natural light, the presence of green space close to the main bedroom also provides coolness and is more energy efficient because you don't need to use air conditioning and lights excessively.

The presence of the Inner Pond which is directly connected to the garden brings a cool and beautiful impression, it is perfect to be a relaxing spot in the morning or evening with family members.

For those of you who have a limited house area but want to have lots of green space at home, you can take advantage of the corners of the house to add coolness and good circulation in the house.
D-People can also use empty wall areas with hanging vines and be an alternative when land is limited but want to have lots of green space at home.

Some inspiration for presenting green space at home, good luck.

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