From the architect. Inset House is derived from an Intersection concept that takes place in a Residential Building, where “Flying Garden” becomes a deliberately inserted object to the front of the building to provide various benefits for this house when inhabited by its inhabitants.
Visible face of the house inserted by “Flying Garden”

Starting from the problem of the west facing house, Architects try to explore the Fasade and the front of the House into an area that can exploit the heat of the afternoon sun light coming from the west. Starting from the 1st floor sheltered by the 2nd floor overstack far enough so that the heat of the western sun will not touch the main room on the 1st floor of this house, the heat will be stopped in the informal guest area equipped by the pool and the garden as the cooler.
Visible overstack on the 2nd floor becomes the main cover of the 1st floor of the west sunheat, equipped with parks and ponds as the cooler Still about the strategy of blocking western sunheat, the 2nd floor we tilt the massing not to collide perpendicular to the heat of the afternoon sun, we give also the second skin of a striped wood as the main obstacle of heat. Behind the second skin we also give the “slit” window opening to reduce the incoming heat. This can be said to be a “layered protection and ploy” to fight against the heat of the western sun which is the main issue.
Second skin in the form of horizontal wood that serves to dispel the heat of the sun, seen front bedroom windows are made flat to reduce the incoming heat.
Massing and programming of the Inset House

The flying garden as the main crown of this house has a variety of functions that ultimately make this house feels beautiful and cooler. In addition to functioning as a hot exterminator and the main elements of the building facade, this garden becomes a good view for 3 rooms on the 2nd floor, namely Main Room, Corridor, and Children Room. Not to forget this park also became a private garden balcony for the main room. It makes the location on the top floor becomes like the ground floor.
The flying garden that can be enjoyed from the child’s room and the 2nd floor corridor. The main rooms are directly connected to the flying garden. The atmosphere of the flying garden at noon and at night which also serves as the main crown for the facade of this House.
In addition to various strategies to combat of the western sunheat, this house has a very minimal floor programming partition / wall. This is to accommodate the main desire of the client who wants the house feels spacious and not divided by the wall, considering the 1st floor is a joint activity area between family members. At times can also be used to hold various events evenings together with family and friends remember that is the owner’s hobby.
The atmosphere of the fenceless 1st floor and very minimal wall and partition barrier, making residents can hold several events togetherness with family and friends. On the under the stairs area, the architect merancanng multinfungsi furniture that can turn into a bed and sofa, which is when not in use can be back to the stairs.
So the residents can be flexible in its use. Bed furniture and downstairs sofa multifunctional ladder that can be folded into a ladder when not in use
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