Growing House, Solution to Have a House with Limited Budget


The concept of growing house is a concept that allows the house construction in steps. Of course this can be a solution for you who want to build a house with limited budget. You can plan the construction steps but you can stay inside during the process.
Then, what should be considered in building a growing house? Of course the first thing to do is determine what function space that you currently prioritize and what function space that you will need in the future. This will determine the design process further.
Second, it's time to design your growing house. Create a constructiont plan that will be done immediately and in the future. Including the costs of each steps, so you can calculate budget that must be prepared.
Of course, you should have a blueprint for the overall design house, although the execution will be done in steps. So, the design process can be carried out thoroughly from the start and the construction has been planned.
One successful growing house project designed by DELUTION is The Twins in Cipulir, South Jakarta. You can see more details about the design here

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