In its journey, DELUTION often produces quite different architectural works in Indonesia and succeed get appreciation from various international awards. The uniqueness of DELUTION's works has also captured the attention of the wider society through uploads on social media. Through its work DELUTION has opened new discussion in the society about architecture.

DELUTION always wants architecture and architect to be close to the society. Through this DELUTION Tour, DELUTION wants to bring the society closer to an architectural works. This tour will provide a direct space experience from the DELUTION's work which they have enjoyed from photos uploaded on social media. This inaugural DELUTION tour will be a series of DELUTION events in Bintaro Design District 2019  which is an integrated design exhibition in the Bintaro area. Furthermore, the DELUTION Tour will be a regular activity that invites the wider society to understand an architectural works through direct experience.

DELUTION TOUR Vol. 01 is an open house tour to the one of DELUTION projects, The Twins. The Twins is a house project on a narrow area that uses the concept of a home grown with a budget of under 500 million. The Twins has become a public spotlight on social media and various other media, so it is hoped that this tour can provide a full experience in enjoying DELUTION's work, The Twins.

In this tour, participants will enjoy the journey to the Twins project from DELUTION HQ by an exclusive van which is divided into five scheduled departures every day. This trip will be packaged like a complete tour with a guide from the young architects of DELUTION who can provide a full explanation of the Twins project.

- An architectural tour from DELUTION which is 100% Free
- An exclusive transportation & accomodation from and to the tour destination
- Full refund from the deposit you give
- Intimate and Small group tour
- DELUTION architect as a direct guide
- Official souvenir from DELUTION 
- Snack and drinks
- Access to DELUTION exhibition in  Bintaro Design District exhibition

November 28th - December 1st 2019

08.00 - 18.00
7.45 – 09.20 Batch 1 : Delution Tour – The Twins
9.30 – 11.05 Batch 2 : Delution Tour – The Twins
11.10 – 12.45 Batch 3 : Delution Tour – The Twins
13.00 – 14.00 ISOMA
14.00 – 15.35 Batch 4 : Delution Tour – The Twins
15.45 – 17.25 Batch 5 : Delution Tour – The Twins


CRI Headquarter and The Twins Project, Cipulir

Design Team DELUTION on Site

IDR 50,000 (deposit)


240 participants


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