delution architect received archdaily awards after the prestigious architecture masterprize thropy in 2019 - 14/01/2020

jakarta, the design story - a jakarta-based architectural studio, delution, had recently awarded two design awards from archdaily for its latest project, flick house, and the twins. the award is second to add after successfully brought home the prestigious architecture masterprize trophies held in spain, on early october 2019.
archdaily is home to thousands of design professionals. one of the most recognized architectures and design media platform, showcasing millions of amazing projects throughout the world.
along with other world-renowned architects and design studios, the two delution's projects went through a very strike competition to earn the title for their own lifetime recognition.
the twins house by delution architect
the twin house, which was built on 70sqm land won "the best house 2019" category for the ability to utilize functions in a very efficient and limited budget.
the house features modern structures to the extent of industrial setting for its minimal and appealing look.
meanwhile, flick house's floating brick embraces a humble nuance in an unusually large site.
what makes the project more engaging is the application of green architecture materials and the capability to maximizes air circulation and natural lights entering the house. making an exclusive list among 20 most bookmarked project in 2019 on archdaily, and second award to list after the first thropy for "green architecture" category from architecture masterprize 2019.
flick house by delution architect
both project innovations have given uncountable appreciations to delution's architect ceo, muhammad egha, for the inspiring form of home design, innovation and constructing techniques.
as the awarded projects made its way capturing millions of eyes and positive impacts in design industry.

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