5 Ways to Build a House on Narrow Land


The desire to have a house is indeed faced with various obstacles, one of which is the problem of buyer purchasing power. While the price of land and house is not cheap, also the maintenance costs that are also not small. So, small plots of land are being traded and people can fulfill their primary needs
Then how to manage the existing narrow land in order to be able to meet the needs or even fulfill your dream house. These five tricks might help you who are looking to build a house in a narrow area.
1. Space-efficient program
First, you have to think about whatever space you need and make this as efficient as possible. Make sure the room is the essential room you need, for example: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. Avoid rooms that are not needed. For example, if you rarely welcome guests, you don’t need to have a guest room, you can welcome guests in your family room.
2. Create an open space design
Avoid partitioning the space that can give narrow impression in your home. With the spaces insulation inside, will make the house feel very small and inefficient. Create a space that feels spacious with the concept of open space. You can open a family room with a kitchen and dining room into one so the room feels spacious. Give imaginary barriers such as credenza or different floor patterns to create indirect space boundaries.
3. Half floor or split level spaces
Get around with a split level house design can also be a solution. So the house will grow vertically and maximally. You can utilize more land to create the spaces you need.
4. High ceiling design
Providing the distance of the floor to the ceiling far enough to give the impression of a more spacious and not narrow, air circulation can rotate optimally. Avoid low ceilings and excessive ceiling decoration, as this will only make your room feel narrow.
5. Choose bright colors
When finishing paint, make sure you choose bright colors. Avoid giving a dark color that will give the narrow impression. White is the perfect color you apply to your little house. Besides giving the spacious impression, white color also gives a clean and minimalist impression. Similarly, in the case of furniture selection, choose also brightly colored with a lightweight design.

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