4 Design Inspiration for Air Circulation and Natural Light


In the current pandemic era, some of the D-People must have done a lot of activities in the house. So, so that your activities in the house are not boring because the house is stuffy or hot, it's a good idea to start thinking about setting air and light circulation properly.

A house must have a good air and light circulation system for its residents, therefore every DELUTION home project is always made with attention to air circulation and light. D-People, check out some of DELUTION's home projects with air circulation and natural light designs.


The presence of Innercourt in the house, equipped with an open window at the top, provides easy access in and out of air and natural light into the house, making air circulation and natural light in the house circulate properly.


The presence of voids provides a solution so that air circulation and light flow smoothly, voids in this house are also the main source of the presence of air and natural light and at the top of the voids we provide glass nako as a means of entering and leaving air and light.


main staircase area of ??this house is designed semi-outdoor so that air and natural light circulates in this house, the presence of this semi-outdoor staircase creates good air and natural light circulation coupled with large openings as a means of circulating air and light.


The presence of a small garden in the corners of this house provides green space and access to good air and light circulation in this house, even though it is on a limited land area and buildings, the existence of the Mini Twins Garden makes this house feel cool and comfortable even though it is located in limited land.

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