This is how to Build a House with Japanese House Style!


House design in Japan does have its own attractiveness. Tiny, minimalist, and clean seems to be the main attraction, so many people want to adapt it.
If you are interested in adapting Japanese house style, there are some essential points that you must apply. Here are some tips from us.
1. Less is more
Follow the principle of less is more in designing Japanese house style, both for exterior and interior design. Avoid displaying ornaments that are not functional, especially in building facades. The key is simple.
2. Choose the right material
Another thing to note is the selection of material. Try not to combine more than three types of material in one house. Also choose natural materials such as wood, exposed concrete, or white paint.
3. Bring the clean nuance in the house
Besides clean impression created by the selection of material and also avoiding ornaments that are not functional, make sure the furniture arrangement and home furnishings are well arranged and does not interfere the appearance of interior. The existing spaces can be functionated as a neat storage. Create cabinets to accommodate the furniture so the house looks clean.
4. Apply the concept of inside-outside
Japanese houses are identical with an airy and bright impression even though most have a small area. This can be achieved by providing large openings so that natural light can enter inside.
Besides the four points above, the most important thing in creating a Japanese house style is notice to the application of Japanese design rules in Indonesia's tropical climate. So it is not only beautiful, your house is also comfortable to live in, including in terms of its maintenance.

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