BBDO Office on INTERIORS Korean Magazine

Published by INTERIORS Korean Magazine issue 348, on 9 September 2015 Edition

BBDO Indonesia Office

BBDO is an agency engaged in the field of largescale Global advertising based in New York. When this project tendering brief began, the client wanted a very different and dynamic office shades which can provoke creative ideas from the employees.

Thus we made avery unique, eye-catching and philosophically creative design that is applied to almost all the elements in the interior design of this Indonesia BBDO Office. Starting from the work table, floor, furniture, lights, doors, wall elements, to the lighting concept, each area has a unique and different lighting concept with warm white tone. The lobby area has a big wave lamp made of corrugated iron put together in a wavy form, giving the flow impression for the people entering the office. Other than these lights, visitors will also be greeted by Indonesian-themed receptionist table with batik stamp elements that are processed into the table leather in order to assert that BBDO Indonesia also has a local character even though it is based in New York.
After passing the receptionist area, visitors will encounter a communal space composed of puff chairs shaped like a ladder that can be set in many ways. Behind this area is the main boardroom hidden between three-colored decorative wood elements which completely hide the boardroomand as main wall who prop the main BBDO slogan signnage, The Work is 3 times written.
The other side of the working area is the area of people in high positions. This area uses a box concept that is applied by parquet wood and clear glass. Each room in the BBDO Office Area has different lighting concept. The Boardroom uses continuous lighting concept which is integrating wall and ceiling lighting elements. Small meeting rooms use square concept with different sizes arranged randomly. The working area uses Mazeshaped lamps arranged from basic TL lamps.
The Creative Director Area uses raw light bulbs arranged in different heights to philosophically represent the ideas of the creative director. Also, some spots have small meeting tables with floor-sitting concept imitating the Japanese culture such that each employee can discuss without having to use the meeting room. All corners of the wall can be written to arouse the generation of creative ideas. These concept is delivered by using black glass and blackboard.
The whole office uses Contemporary Industrial concept where all the materials are still unfinished, e.g. thepolished concrete floor and ceiling showing off all its utility elements.